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You Work Hard For Your Money, Now What?

Sadly, most Americans are terrible managers of their personal and/or professional finances. Even business owners and those who pilot their own business endeavor often struggle with money management. Michael Finley, financial author and the Crazy Man in the Pink Wig, dispenses advice for living a life of your choosing by first taking charge of your money.

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An Engineer With An Entrepreneurial Side-Hustle

Matt Roeder is an Iowa farm kid who’s employed as an Agricultural engineer for a plastics manufacturing company. A few years ago, after seeing a shortcoming on his corn planter (he still farms on the side), he designed a new and improved closing wheel. But this product design doesn’t belong to his employer, it’s his. Matt explains the inspiration for the product, how he brings it to market, and the delicate and mutually beneficial relationship he has with his employer — they build his designs and support his side hustle all while he retains his day job. We also discuss patent problems and assess the 5 entrepreneurial personalities. This is an excellent discussion for those looking to create or expand a side hustle.

A Budding Beer Entrepreneur Resurrects an Old Beer Brand

My friend Brad Klopfenstein and I have shared a love of beer drinking and beer history for more than 3 decades. Now Mr. Klopfenstein is turning his love into a side hustle. A novice Indiana historian, Brad was poking around the internet researching old Indiana beers as sort of a “where are they now?” endeavor. That’s when he discovered Alps Brau — a former Fort Wayne, IN based beer brand — was available for the taking. Brad acquired the rights to the brand and in February 2023, will release the first batch of Alps Brau since 1978! Brad explains the path to his new endeavor, business lessons learned, and how he hopes to capitalize on the appeal of nostalgia.

Raising Prices, Improving Your “Gigs,” and Firing Clients

Inflation has been on a tear since 2020’s globally disrupted marketplace upset the economics of everything from exercise bikes to used cars. With double digit price increases way more common than they should be, are you charging enough for your goods or services? Probably not. In this episode I outline why you should increase your rates. The benefit for doing so: better pay and better customers. Of course, there are downsides, such as losing customers. However, losing customers isn’t always a bad thing, because — like the old showbiz saying goes, “The cheaper the gig, the worse the client.” Listen to this!

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This podcast is for you: the entrepreneur, business owner, solopreneur, self employed striver, or business person who wants to do it better. By better I mean more profitably, more happily, and for as many years as you choose. That’s what doing business better is about. I quit my Fortune 500 job in 1994 to pursue a life and business of my choice. All these years later I’m still driven by my original “why” that made me an entrepreneur: to be more creative and rewarded financially for my accomplishments.

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